ab-sI believe in the first capturing moment of immediate fascination – the first striking moment of something speaking to your soul.

What you create does not have to be perfect, it cannot be perfect, because it is the imperfect which stimulates us and awakens our senses. The restrictions we have, all of us, just in terms of being a human being, has to be visible in what we create – simply in order to be recognized and to communicate.

There is no secret that the source of everything is the sun, giving form through light and shadow. However, it is on the border between light and shadow you find information speaking to your perception and imagination – in both a descriptive and a secret way – revealing and hiding at the same time. In any way, it has to be convincing and speaking the truth – as the thruth is beautiful and the beauty is the thruth. Embracing the thruth relates both to artwork and life in general.

Find a balance between light and shadow.