Born 8.september 1964 Fosna, Norway, high up North. Until I was 10 years old we moved a lot, quite a lot – leaving me without the ability to attach – but with a rich inner life. I was determined to be an artist. However, due to a fascination for mathematics, I studied within these fields and eventually wrote a doctoral thesis in computer science. After that, and numerous life experiences, I decided to live my passion – and applied the well-renowned school for classical training, The Florence Academy of Art in Firenze. Three years followed learing the craft, the history of painting and the immerse importance of being surrounded by culture and beauty. By now, I live and work from Tromsø, Norway, as a full time painter and teacher for students at my private school.

I paint to bring cosmos out of chaos. I paint for my soul.

My work are to be seen at public and private places and homes in Tromsø, elsewhere in Norway and abroad.


NBK – Norske Billedkunstnere. The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
LNM – Landsforeningen Norske Malere. The Association of Professional Norwegian Painters



2019: September. Nerdrum-school, Stavern, Norway.
2013 : Completed three year certificate program in painting from Florence Academy of Art (FAA). Equals three year Norwegian NOKUT qualified voactional school.
2012-2013: Sculpture for painters at FAA
2009-2010: Teaching Pedagogic, University of Tromsø.
– 2010: Classes in drawing and painting – portrait and landscape.
-2008: University studies. Master of Science, Computer Science and Mathematics. Dr. Scient Computer Science. University of Tromsø.



2022: Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Juryed exhibition. Finalist. Mall Galleries, London, Thursday 5 May to Saturday 14 May 2022.
2021. Florence Academy of Art curated online exhibition featuring the work of female graduates from FAA. From 15. of May. https://www.florenceacademyofart.com/letting-us-in-women-of-the-faa/
2021: NNBK 50-års jubileum. Group exhibition “Understrømmer”, Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad, 02.10-07.11.21
2021: NNBK 50-års jubileum. Group exhibition “Hildring”, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, 17.06-31.08.21
2021: NNBK 50-års jubileum, Group exhibition, “Solhund”, Galleri 2, Stamsund 17.06-31.08.21
2021: Nord-Norske Bildene Kunstnere 50-års jubileum, “Equinox”, Bodø Kunstforening. 06.03-18.04
2021: Portrait Now! 8th Portrait Competition for Nordic artists. Participating in juried exhibition, Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark, 07.05-05.11 and Ljungbergmuseet, Sweden
2021: Finalist for Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Juried Exhibition, Mall Galleries, May 2021, London
2021: FAA – Florence Academy of Art collective alumin exhibition, April Kunstforeningen Jessheim
2021: Nordlysfestivalen, selected artist for the exhibition “People in the time of the Corona”. 30.01-10.02 Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2020: Tromsø Open. Tromsø Kunstforening. Group exhibition. 17.09-04-10.
2020: BP British Portrait Award 2020, Juried exhibition. Pre-selected with “Ester”, National Portrait Gallery, May 2021, London.
2020: Nordlysfestivalen, selected artist for the festival. Tromsø, January 23 – February 2. Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2019: Kunstløypa, Tromsø. 16-23.06. Collective exhibition. Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2019: Full Palette. Fundraiser exhibition. Florence Academy of Art US, Salmagundi Gallery, New York, 29.05-21.06
2019: Portrait Now!. 7th Portrait Competition for Nordic artists. Juried exhibition Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark, 10.05-05.08 and Ljungbergmuseet, Sweden 07.09-17.11.2019
2018: Tromsø Open, Group exhibition artists in Tromsø, Skippergata 28.09-02.10
2018:Solo Exhibition “Med Guds vilje I”, Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø. 14.04-26.06
2017: Solo Exhibition “Small Stories” at BeiJing Restaurant, Tromsø. 24.10-8.11
2017: Plein air paintings from Tromsø Skibsverft. Collective exhibition. Tromsø Bibliotek. 1-31. october
2016: Tromsø Open. (http://tromsoopen.com),Kafe Eka, Tromsø Kunstforening, Group exhibition showing the diversity of artists in the Tromsø area, nov 19th-20th.
2016: Krystallnatta. Portrettutstilling av den jødiske befolkning i Tromsø. Sammen med Hans Ragnar Mathisen, BeiJing Restaurant, Tromsø, nov 9 – des 1.
2015: Florence Academy of Art Alumni Tromsø, Group Exhibition. At AB Studios Gallery. 29.10-31.12
2015: June. Pre-selected for Figurativas Painting and Sculpture competition 2015. http://www.figurativas.org/
2015: Florence Academy of Art, Alumni Exhibition, selected works, MANA Contemporary, New York, May 3th – July 24th.
2014: Solo Exhibition at Elisabeth-senteret, “Potpourri”, Tromsø, November 13th – Desember 6th
2014: “Represent 2014”, Group exhibiton, Florence Academy of Art initiative, Westbourne Grove, London, September 11th-13th
2014: Tromsø Open (http://tromsoopen.virb.com), Bangsundbrygga, Tromsø, Group exhibition showing the diversity of artists in the Tromsø area, april 3th-30th.
2011: “AB Studios Gallery”, Tromsø, september 1th-20th
2011: “G” in Tromsø, Norway, august 1th-31th



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