Born 8.september Hitra, Fosna, Norway, high up North. Until I was 10 years old we moved a lot, quite a lot – leaving me without the ability to attach – but with a rich inner life. I was determined to be an artist. However, due to a fascination for mathematics, I studied within these fields and eventually wrote a doctoral thesis in computer science. After that, and numerous life experiences, I decided to live my passion – and applied The Florence Academy of Art in Firenze, where I learing the craft, the history of painting and the value of being surrounded by beauty and culture. By now, I live and work from Tromsø, Norway, as a full time painter and teacher for students at my private school.

I paint for my soul.

  • Work are to be seen at public and private places and homes in Tromsø, elsewhere in Norway and abroad.
  • Public commissioned work to Finnkroken Kirke (Church), 2022. Altarpiece of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.


NBK – Norske Billedkunstnere. The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
LNM – Landsforeningen Norske Malere. The Association of Professional Norwegian Painters


2019: September. Nerdrum-school, Stavern, Norway.
2013 : Completed three year certificate program in painting from Florence Academy of Art (FAA). Equals three year Norwegian NOKUT qualified voactional school.
2012-2013: Sculpture for painters at FAA
2009-2010: Teaching Pedagogic, University of Tromsø.
– 2010: Classes in drawing and painting – portrait and landscape.
-2008: University studies. Master of Science, Computer Science and Mathematics. Dr. Scient Computer Science. University of Tromsø.



Upcoming 2025: Samisk senter for samtidskunst, Sami Daiddaguovddas (SDG), Karasjok. 20.06-31.08.

2023: Senjautstillingen. Postgården Finnsnes. 30.11-26.12. Juryed Exhibition.
2023: TU – Tromsøutstillingen. Tromsø Kulturhus. 31.10-26.11. Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2023: Exhibition Tromsø Kulturhus during TIFF – Tromsø International Film Festival, TIFF,16-24.01: “Voices from Sapmi”, Sami portraits.
2022: Exhibition “Sami portraits, smaller studies” at BeiJing Restaurant, Tromsø. 11.11-20.12.2022
2022: FAA students in Norway. Collective exhibition from 25 former FAA students. Jessheim Kunstforening, 14.th – 29th. of May.
2022: Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Juryed exhibition. Finalist. Mall Galleries, London, Thursday 5 May to Saturday 14 May 2022.
2021. Florence Academy of Art curated online exhibition featuring the work of female graduates from FAA. From 15. of May. https://www.florenceacademyofart.com/letting-us-in-women-of-the-faa/
2021: NNBK 50-års jubileum. Group exhibition “Understrømmer”, Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad, 02.10-07.11.21
2021: NNBK 50-års jubileum. Group exhibition “Hildring”, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, 17.06-31.08.21
2021: NNBK 50-års jubileum, Group exhibition, “Solhund”, Galleri 2, Stamsund 17.06-31.08.21
2021: Nord-Norske Bildene Kunstnere 50-års jubileum, “Equinox”, Bodø Kunstforening. 06.03-18.04
2021: Portrait Now! 8th Portrait Competition for Nordic artists. Participating in juried exhibition, Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark, 07.05-05.11 and Ljungbergmuseet, Sweden
2021: Finalist for Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Juried Exhibition, Mall Galleries, May 2021, London
2021: Nordlysfestivalen, selected artist for the exhibition “People in the time of the Corona”. 30.01-10.02 Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2020: Tromsø Open. Tromsø Kunstforening. Group exhibition. 17.09-04-10.
2020: BP British Portrait Award 2020, Juried exhibition. Pre-selected with “Ester”, National Portrait Gallery, May 2021, London.
2020: Nordlysfestivalen, selected artist for the festival. Tromsø, January 23 – February 2. Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2019: Kunstløypa, Tromsø. 16-23.06. Collective exhibition. Curated by Kunstsentralen Nord
2019: Full Palette. Fundraiser exhibition. Florence Academy of Art US, Salmagundi Gallery, New York, 29.05-21.06
2019: Portrait Now!. 7th Portrait Competition for Nordic artists. Juried exhibition Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark, 10.05-05.08 and Ljungbergmuseet, Sweden 07.09-17.11.2019
2018: Tromsø Open, Group exhibition artists in Tromsø, Skippergata 28.09-02.10
2018: Solo Exhibition “Med Guds vilje I”, Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø. 14.04-26.06
2017: Exhibition “Small Stories” at BeiJing Restaurant, Tromsø. 24.10-8.11
2017: Plein air paintings from Tromsø Skibsverft. Collective exhibition. Tromsø Bibliotek. 1-31. october
2016: Tromsø Open. (http://tromsoopen.com),Kafe Eka, Tromsø Kunstforening, Group exhibition showing the diversity of artists in the Tromsø area, nov 19th-20th.
2016: Krystallnatta. Portrettutstilling av den jødiske befolkning i Tromsø. Sammen med Hans Ragnar Mathisen, BeiJing Restaurant, Tromsø, nov 9 – des 1.
2015: Florence Academy of Art Alumni Tromsø, Group Exhibition. At AB Studios Gallery. 29.10-31.12
2015: June. Pre-selected for Figurativas Painting and Sculpture competition 2015. http://www.figurativas.org/
2015: Florence Academy of Art, Alumni Exhibition, selected works, MANA Contemporary, New York, May 3th – July 24th.
2014: Solo Exhibition at Elisabeth-senteret, “Potpourri”, Tromsø, November 13th – Desember 6th
2014: “Represent 2014”, Group exhibiton, Florence Academy of Art initiative, Westbourne Grove, London, September 11th-13th
2014: Tromsø Open (http://tromsoopen.virb.com), Bangsundbrygga, Tromsø, Group exhibition showing the diversity of artists in the Tromsø area, april 3th-30th.
2011: “G” in Tromsø, Norway, august 1th-31th

Sparebanken Nord-Norge, home residence stipend, 2022.


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