To draw is to see. You draw what you see. By training you eye to see better, you will draw better – right – which means that anyone with a adequate interest in it, can learn to draw. However, learning to draw require will – learning to draw well require both skill and talent and a passion for what you are doing. When that is said, it is easier to see than it is to express!

Rosa Pastel

Charcoal Nitram and a touch of pink pastel on paper. Paper size 45*70 cm.

Jente i Rødt

Art on paper. Girl in Red. Charcoal and pastel on paper, 33*48 cm. SOLD.


Charcoal, pastel and white chalk on toned Roma paper. 36*60 cm, 2016. Commissioned work.

Portrait of life

Art on paper 🙂 Charcoal, white chalk and pastel on toned Roma paper, 35*54 cm. Sold.

A state of mind

Watercolor portrait on paper – 2015


Charcoal on paper 2015 – 31*37 cm


Pastel on paper – 50*70 cm – 2013/14 – sold

Crying Peony

Watercolor on paper – from life – 2014

With the back to the feast

My red dress – for champagne and diamonds.. Watercolor on paper – from life – 2013. Sold


Charcoal on paper. 35*40 cm. 2013. Sold


Charcoal on paper. 35*40 cm.2014. Sold

Anna I

Watercolor on paper 2012


Pastel on handmade paper – 45*55 – 2011- sold


Pastel on Canson Mi-teint paper – 30*40 cm – 2010

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