Painting landscapes on site – plein air – is a treat to my soul, my energy and my happines. All of my landscape paintings are done on site – some are finished on site, others are finished in the studio. A landscape painting is for me a portrait, as important as a portrait of a face where you can see the likeness and a state of mind –  except, a landscape painting is supposed to reveal a portrait of my feelings of being there.

Paintings are for sale. For purchase or questions, please contact me on Shipping can be done both inland and abroad. Paintings are also for view in my gallery at AB Kunst og Rammer. For comissions use same contactinfo. To view my work while it is in progress at different locations, follow instagram account: annabrithpaintings.

Under Hollendaren (1029moh)

Hollendaren, Kvaløya. A favorite to paint and a favorite to climb. Oil on linen. Plein air, 2016, 45 *54,5 cm. Sold

The last snow I

The last snow I, 25*35 cm, oil on panel, 2014, plein air Tromsdalen, sold.

Etter Stormen

After the Storm – midnight sun through the clouds outside Kvaløya, Troms. Painted at midnight en plein air (on site). Oil on linen, 24*38 cm. Sold

Kirkeklokkene i Tromsdalen

Church-bells of Tromsdalen. Arctic Catedral in afternoon light. Plein air. Oil on panel, 45*52 cm. Available.

Veien til Elvestrand

The road to Elvestrand, where my grandmother used to live. Plein air by the riverside, caught by the tide. Oil on panel, 35*45 cm. Available.

Firenze I

Firenze from ponte San Niccolo. Plein air. Oil on linen mounted on board. 20*30 cm, Available.

Vågnes Hersjer (Haystacks in the North)

Oil on linen mounted on board – 35*40 cm – 2013 – sold

Holmbukt fra Sjursnes

Holmbukt, part of Lyngen Alps, painted en plein air from Sjursnes. Oil on board, 30*40 cm. Available.

Firenze, Duomo, from via dell’Erta Canina

Oil on board, 25*34,5 cm, 2012


Lakselvtindene, part of Lyngen Alps. Plein air/studio painting. Oil on canvas, 50*60 cm. Private collection.


An abstract meeting with an old friend. Oil on linen 32*47 cm. Sold

Nederst i Holtveien

The old farm Holt on the island of Tromsø. Plein air/studio painting. Oil on linen, 35*40 cm. Available.

Småseien kommer

The Pollock is coming. Hella towards Bentsjordtind. Troms. Plein air. Oil on linen 35*45 cm. Nok 12000,- inkl ramme.

Sensommereng i nord

Golden field in Målselv. 32,5*41 cm. Oil on linen mounted on board. Kr 12000,-


The fireweed field. The field is not like this every year. 34*44 cm. Oil on linen mounted on board Nok 10.000

Low tide at full moon

Tromsdalen towards North. Oil on board, 25*35 cm, on site in 2014. Sold

Håja – Sommarøy

Oil on board – 30*40 cm – Sold

Towards Kjosen – Lyngen Alps

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