Portrait painting in oil


Du fela mi…

Snorre – painted from life, for the Nordlysfestivalen, 2020. 60*75 cm, oil on linen. Sold


The sound of trombone – vibrations. SOLD. Painted from life, for the Northern lights festival 2020, 60*70cm. Oil on linen.


The ancient sound from the Bronze age instrument. For the exhibition at the Northern lights festival, 2020. 65*80 cm, oil on linen, for sale.

Danser. Jeg?

A tribute to the dance, the music, the happiness, the future, the world – and the fact that we are all connected! 100*120 cm. Oil on linen. 2019. Sold

Selvportrett som Danser

Selfportrait as dancer. Painted only through observation in mirror. 105*80 cm, 2019, oil on linen. Available.

For det Målbare

For that which cannot be measured – and for that which cannot be mended. Oil on linen. 118*89,5 cm. Available.


“Light over broken lines”. There is light, no matter what. 134,5*96 cm, oil on linen 2019. Available.


Lifesaver. As I know from these two; the man and the dog, they are saving each other. But, from an higher abstraction, the nature is our only rescue. 146,5 * 82 cm. 2019. Oil on linen. Available.

Sannhet fra Røros

Ester from Røros, oil on linen 74,5 * 101,5 cm, 2019. Available.

At Nerdrum

Selfportrait while at the Nerdrum school, oil on linen, 35*45 cm, 2019

HRM with fur hat

Painting of an artist, Hans Ragnar. 40*50 cm, 2019. Sold


Ingrid. 55*70 cm. Painted sometimes. Finished 2018.


Just a treat to my soul. The calmness and the silent communication – the trust and the love. Oil on linen. 50*81,5 cm. Available.

At Home

Winterlight. Oil on linen. 80*75 cm. Available from studio.


A timeless picture of growing up. 50*60 cm, oil on linen.


Painted from life. Oil on linen. 35*45 cm. 2018. Sold


Portrait painted from life. Oil on linen 50*60 cm. Sold


Contemporary portrait from life. Oil on linen 42,5*55 cm

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