Life in the time of the Corona. Lockdown 2020. Oil on linen. 140*116 cm

Forward – Ahead

The only direction there is. For hope and good energy or just joy and contemplation. 50*70 cm. Oil on linen

Stillife stilleben

Easter Stillife

Easter still life, natura morte, painted from life in natural light. 55*70 cm, oil on linen. Available


207*150 cm, oil on linen. School students in the time of Corona. Tilhørighet – affilation – a term with a new meaning during lockdown, distance, closed schools, sockerfields etc. Affilation not only to a group, also to yourself, your time, your place and your place in life. Nordlysfestivalutstillingen 2021

Commissioned work. Painted from life. Oil on linen. 2020.

Portrait painting in oil


“The inexhaustable easiness of life”. Painted from life. Oil on linen. 55*74,5 cm. SOLD. Participated in PortrætNu! exhibition, a Nordic portrait competition, Denmark. 2019.

Else S.

In memory of Else. Painted after a photo for the Northern Lights festival 2020. 46*66 cm, oil on linen.

Du fela mi…

Snorre – painted from life, for the Nordlysfestivalen, 2020. 60*75 cm, oil on linen. Sold


The sound of trombone – vibrations. SOLD. Painted from life, for the Northern lights festival 2020, 60*70cm. Oil on linen.


The ancient sound from the Bronze age instrument. For the exhibition at the Northern lights festival, 2020. 65*80 cm, oil on linen, SOLD. Origion:

Danser. Jeg?

A tribute to the dance, the music, the happiness, the future, the world – and the fact that we are all connected! 100*120 cm. Oil on linen. 2019. Sold

Selvportrett som Danser

Selfportrait as dancer. Painted only through observation in mirror. 105*80 cm, 2019, oil on linen. Available.

For det Målbare

For that which cannot be measured – and for that which cannot be mended. Oil on linen. 118*89,5 cm. Available.


“Light over broken lines”. There is light, no matter what. 134,5*96 cm, oil on linen 2019. Available.


Lifesaver. As I know from these two; the man and the dog, they are saving each other. But, from an higher abstraction, the nature is our only rescue. 146,5 * 82 cm. 2019. Oil on linen. Available.

Sannhet fra Røros

Ester from Røros, oil on linen 74,5 * 101,5 cm, 2019. Available.

At Nerdrum

Selfportrait while at the Nerdrum school, oil on linen, 35*45 cm, 2019

HRM with fur hat

Painting of an artist, Hans Ragnar. 40*50 cm, 2019. Sold


Ingrid. 55*70 cm. Painted sometimes. Finished 2018.


Just a treat to my soul. The calmness and the silent communication – the trust and the love. Oil on linen. 50*81,5 cm. Available.

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